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Pistol/Carbine Fundamentals

Shooting well comes down to owning the fundamentals.

The fundamentals classes are fit for new, as well as experienced shooters who want to refine their fundamental pistol or carbine marksmanship skills.  This is not a class where you will be sat in a classroom and talked to, it is all on the range.

The focus here is to build your interface with the firearm and ingrain good fundamentals that will make you a good defensive shooter, starting with grip, stance, sight alignment and trigger pull.

Class size is limited to six students in order to maintain a good instructor to student ratio, giving each shooter plenty of personal attention.

CT Pistol/Carbine

This fast paced  training is an intermediate level carbine class.  The methodology is based on the Israeli Counter-Terrorist method of training and is the best training available for self defense and tactical applications of a pistol/carbine.  This is because we don’t only stand on a line and shoot targets.  Students will get to move around and be introduced to disruptive environments while shooting and manipulating their weapons.


The idea is to ingrain marksmanship fundamentals well enough so that the shooter can focus on what is actually occurring around them instead of thinking about how to manipulate the gun.  At this point a shooter can begin dealing with situational factors such as non combatants, open hand skills, solving malfunctions on the move, negotiating barricades/cover and many other tasks.


This training is very productive and also a lot of fun.


Taught by an ex- Israeli Special Forces Operator.

Special Workshops

Prime Combat Training offers a range of specialty shooting workshops geared toward shooters who already control the fundamentals and basic CT shooting skills and want to delve into specific topics.

These include trigger control workshops, CQB skills, lowlight gunfighting, hand-to-hand-to-gun, malfunction workshops and more.

Comprehensive Combatives

Comprehensive Combatives is a system born from a collaboration between Prime Combat Training, Tactical Performance Center and Tactical Rifleman.

It is a multifaceted system that brings together advanced and effective, combat proven methods of training with the incredibly scientific and detail oriented approach to marksmanship developed by Tactical Performance Center.

At this point these classes will be scheduled and available for purchase through

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