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Combatives Training

In addition to range training and Close Quarters Battle training Prime Combat Training offers unarmed and edged weapons training.

As with most proven systems ours is a collage of skills learned in the field and in the dojo over the years.  

We cater our Combatives training to the needs, abilities and context of the students.  The military taught hand-to-hand skills apply to many, but not all.  Military fighting methods are also lacking in many aspects.  That is why Imri has studied other forms of fighting and has adopted aspects into his skillset and teaching methodology.

One of these systems is Martial Blade Concepts, created by Michael Janich, who Imri studied under and was certified as a full instructor.  This smart and easy to learn system teaches the use of, as well as defense against knives.  The perfect addition to the aggressive Israeli Military style Imri has always taught. 

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