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Imri Morgenstern 

Prime Combat Training Imri

Imri Morgenstern grew up playing American football and wrestling, but it was during his service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that he learned how to fight when the stakes are highest. During his military service, Master Sgt. (Res) Imri Morgenstern was an operator with an elite Special Operations unit, specializing in counter-terrorism warfare, demolition, breaching and hostage rescue. He executed countless missions with his, as well as other Special Operations units.

He took part in creating the first HR breaching squadron in the IDF. He started the first “cold breach” team in the IDF and created SOPs for hostage rescue breaching. He is certified as a hostage rescue breacher/master breacher and breaching instructor.

Imri is certified by the IDF as a range officer for a variety of weapons, including small arms, RPG, Browning .50mg, LMG, grenades, M203, mortars, demolition and explosives and more. He is also a certified instructor in Martial Blade Concepts (MBC), a comprehensive system of edged weapon self-defense. Imri’s proud to have studied under Mike Janich, the system’s creator. Imri’s experience also includes hand to hand combat including Krav Maga, has trained with and instructed international Special Forces units, and has been a tactcial advisor for various firearms companies.

Currently Imri is part of the Tactical Rifleman team. He teaches courses with them and is involved with the creation of instructional content geared toward educating the public.

Imri brings real world combat experience to his instruction. He can teach personal safety and combat shooting techniques to a wide range of people with different orientations and mind sets.


Prime Combat Training COURSES

Prime Combat Training offers a variety of firearms and self defense training for responsible civilians, law enforcement and military personnel.  Our instructors served in the Israeli Defense Forces in Special Forces Units and are bringing the advanced training methodologies used in Israel to train it's most elite fighters.

We are based at The Louisville Armory in Louisville Kentucky and have an amazing facility to train in, which includes indoor shooting ranges, a martial arts dojo and a proffessional shoot house where we conduct CQB and force on force training.



Range Training

Combatives Training


Shoothouse Training

Private Instruction


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The course I took through Prime Combat Training (knife defense) was a fantastic course and one that I would recommend to anyone who either uses or has the possibility of being on the wrong end of a knife. The instructor was very knowledge and good at instruction and facility (Louisville Armory) was top notch. Prime Combat is a gem hidden in Louisville for tactical knowledge.
he knows everything and is such a professional about it. Imri is safe, professional and fun with everything.
I’ve trained with the instructor and he is first rate. After nearly 40 years of picking up tricks and skills he presented new information right off the bat. Impressive.
we are located at:

4400 Kiln Ct 

Louisville, KY


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